ABU Robocon 2020 Fiji

The ABU Robocon 2020 Suva contest is to play rugby 7’s game using two robots and five obstacles as five defending players. The highlight of this game is how the two robots collaborate to score Try and the Goal Kick. The main and unique challenge of this game will be Goal Kick, kicking the Kick Ball over the cross bar of the conversion post because of the unique shape of the rugby ball. The audience will be fascinated if the robot made all the Goals successfully.

We are looking forward to witnessing exciting games of unique robots built by the young budding engineers in Suva, Fiji. Based on this concept, ABU Robocon 2020 Suva is designed to promote the idea of “Rugby 7’s”.

A game is between Red and Blue teams. It lasts three minutes at most. Each team has two robots known as Pass Robot (PR) and Try Robot (TR). The two robots can be either manual or automatic. The PR starts from the PR Start Zone. The PR picks up one Try Ball from the Ball Rack and passes the Try Ball from the Passing Zone to TR located in the Receiving Zone.

The TR starts from the TR Start Zone and moves into the Receiving Zone to receive the Try Ball from PR. The TR then goes along the five defending Obstacles to score the Try in the one of the five Try Spots. After a successful Try by TR, a kick step can be taken from the Kicking Zone to make the Goal. The game continues until all the seven Kick Balls are used or when the 3 minutes passed.


78 brown Street, Suva, Fiji Islands
Email : aburobocon2020@fijitv.com.fj
Phone: (679) 330 5100